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Certified Relationship Coach Program


The Certified Relationship Coach Program is for anyone who wants to find and keep love, learn how to be a better communicator, enjoy unique dates and create romantic and lasting memories in and out of the bedroom. Our curriculum is designed to fit your needs. All materials are available online 24-7 for your studying convenience.

(PDF format, 827kb, 14 pages)

Here is the class outline:

1. Love

This course lays the groundwork for understanding intimate human behavior with essential statistics, history, theory, skill sets and foundational knowledge on the concept of love. Discourse on self-love, romantic love, passionate love as well as key theories on rejection, forgiveness and communication provide the basic underpinning for the program as a whole.

2. Flirting

Flirting is a crucial element of romance and human sexuality with its own history, techniques, skills and approaches. This course delves into the science of body language, the power of conversation, the role of our five senses, the value of active listening, the significance of positivity, how flirting works in long term relationships and much more. :)

3. Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs have a long and storied history that speaks to the central importance of love and sexuality in human history. This course studies the history, major classifications, meaning, common use, sensory impact, unusual applications and brain effects of aphrodisiacs and how they integrate into relationships, sexual fantasy, libido and orgasmic pleasure.

4. Communication

Communication plays a central and vital role in relationships of every kind, and mastering the basic elements of human interaction is key to becoming an effective Love Coach. This course outlines fundamental concepts like negotiation, forgiveness, saying no, navigating family life, communicating fantasies, constructive criticism, body language, conversation skills and much more to provide a framework for understanding the development and nuance of most types of personal human connection.

5. Dating

This course studies the ritual of dating throughout history and across global cultures, with a focus on how dating works within modern society. Practical information about how and where people meet, the art of conversation, compatibility, the role of sex, dating with children, dating after divorce, dating at different life stages and more provides coaches with substantive resources to help single clients navigate their romantic lives.

6. Kissing

This comprehensive course on ‘osculation’ explores the history, benefits, styles, and techniques of kissing including psychological benefits, brain chemical breakdown, the role of oral health and disease prevention, sensory and sexual impact (including oral sex) and much more.

7. Foreplay

This course on foreplay is designed to equip students with detailed information on sexual anticipation and erotic safer sex that is non-coital. Exploration of breathing techniques, vocal signals, undressing, sensual touch, physiological response and the role of ‘outercourse.’

8. Erotic Massage

The art of erotic massage is examined closely in this how-to course that breaks down the process into step-by-step techniques including setting the scene, sensory stimulation, types of touch, basic body landmarks, permission, and orgasmic climaxes.

9. Intimacy

Achieving intimacy in a relationship involves a process of mutual personal discovery that includes learning how your partner loves, how their brain works (are they primarily left or right-brained?), in what ways they become distracted, and many other subtle nuances that, once explored, can strengthen the bond. This course delves into all aspects of romantic and sexual intimacy and includes practical exercises for couples’ discovery.

10. Tantric Love

This course covers the 5000-year-old practice of Tantra which involves working with Chakras, balancing love energy and ancient sexual techniques such as the Venus Butterfly. Discover how Tantra can heal hurt relationships and treat common sexual concerns such as lack of desire, premature ejaculation and inability to orgasm. Tantric love helps men and women feel cherished and become multi-orgasmic.

11. Couples Enrichment

This course is designed to give Love Coaches the tools they need to help couples enrich their relationships with better communication, forgiveness, praise, touch, healing and sexual techniques. From building strong new foundations to creating intense sexual experiences, Couples Enrichment was created to facilitate couples falling in love again.

12. Coaching The Relationship Coach Course

Coaching The Relationship Coach empowers students to begin their own private practice with many coaching techniques developed and employed by Dr. Ava Cadell. Detailed step-by-step information covers how to use these techniques, the results to expect, and how to deal with coaching issues. Also provided is information about developing a rapport with clients, ethics, business tips and referrals. Discover trade secrets and learn how to market yourself and your Relationship Coach business. Video course running time: 1 hour, 08 minutes Approximate test time: 30 minutes

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