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Individual Courses

Aphrodisiacs Course


This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to Learn How Aphrodisiacs Work
  • You want to Know Which Aphrodisiacs Are Best for Performance
  • You want to Prepare an Aphrodisiac Menu for Your Lover
  • You want to Avoid Unsafe Aphrodisiacs

Topics Include:

  • Ask The Expert Video on Addictions & Recovery
  • 27-minute MP3 audio about Aphrodisiacs
  • List of Aphrodisiacs
  • Performance Foods
  • Erotic Menu
  • Fashionable Foods
  • Foods that Cure
  • Topical Aphrodisiacs
  • Print out your own personalized certification after passing the quiz
  • Place your e-trophy on your website to prove you are certified

Here is the class outline:

1. Aphrodisiacs Course

Aphrodisiacs have a long and storied history that speaks to the central importance of love and sexuality in human history. This course studies the history, major classifications, meaning, common use, sensory impact, unusual applications and brain effects of aphrodisiacs and how they integrate into relationships, sexual fantasy, libido and orgasmic pleasure.

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