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Couples Enrichment Course


Inside are exercises guaranteed to improve your communication, enhance your love life and expand your sexual horizon. When a couple has been together for any length of time, they often take each other for granted so this course will help you to fall back in love again. Beginning with the forgiveness process if there is any resentment or animosity pending, followed by praising each other and giving compliments to restore the foundation your relationship was built on. Touching is a big part of this course so you’ll learn the various kinds of touches ranging from healing, romantic, seductive, sexual to erotic. As the course progresses, the exercises become more intense and exciting with mutual masturbation, erotic talk, sensual massage, oral sex, sexual positions all resulting in multiple orgasm for both of you.

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Here is the class outline:

1. Couples Enrichment Course

This course is designed to give Love Coaches the tools they need to help couples enrich their relationships with better communication, forgiveness, praise, touch, healing and sexual techniques. From building strong new foundations to creating intense sexual experiences, Couples Enrichment was created to facilitate couples falling in love again.

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