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Bundled Courses

Couples Pleasure


About this bundle:

Couples will benefit from this relationship-enhancing bundle that offers not only strategies to deepen intimacy, but also practical information on how to please your partner emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually. Pleasing A Man and Pleasing A Woman dive deep into understanding desire and what men and women really want when it comes to intimacy, sexual satisfaction and relationship success. Then explore both those topics further with The Big ‘O’ and Couples Enrichment, which give you more tools to enhance orgasmic potential while building trust and communication.

This bundle is for you if:

  • You want to build trust and communication with your partner that leads to great sex
  • You want to learn techniques on how to please your lover physically, emotionally and sexually
  • You want to discover new erogenous zones to add variety to your sex life
  • You want to fall in love with your partner all over again
  • You want the benefits of deeply satisfying orgasms

Includes the following four courses:

Pleasing A Man

This course offers a comprehensive look at what men want and need for their sexual, emotional & mental satisfaction. Sexual fantasies, erotic talk, oral sex, erotic massage, role playing, prostate play, quickies, sex positions and giving him the ultimate TriGasm are all explored in depth for a comprehensive understanding of male desire. Sexual knowledge results in sexual satisfaction for both the giver and receiver of pleasure.

Includes “Pleasing A Man” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 11m), Training Video, “Erotic Massage: How To Convey Love Through Mindful Touches with Jaiya” (performed by a woman on a man) (36m), Reading Material, “The Loveologist Guide To What Men Want In Bed” (19 pages)



Pleasing A Woman

Pleasing a woman is a multi-faceted enterprise that includes emotional, mental, physical and sexual elements. This course details how to meet the desires of most women, with methods of achieving good communication, trust, intimacy and respect. Tips and techniques include helping her to relax with a foot massage, get her juices flowing with passionate kissing that leads to explicit erotic video demonstrations of enabling her to orgasmic bliss.

Includes “Pleasing A Man” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 9m), Training Video, “Tantric Massage: How to Relax and Arouse with Sensual Tantric Techniques” (performed by a man on a woman) (48m)

Erotic Instructional, “Dr. Ava’s How To Please A Woman, Zero Tolerance” (1hr., 27m), Audio, “Passion Power Audio for Men” (23m), Reading Material, “The Loveologist Guide To What Women Want in Bed” (20 pages)


Couples Enrichment

This course is designed to give individuals and Love Coaches the tools they need to help couples enrich their relationships with better communication, forgiveness, praise, touch, healing and sexual techniques. From building strong new foundations to creating intense sexual experiences, Couples Enrichment is created to facilitate couples falling in love again and making passion a priority to improve the quality of their love lives. 

Includes “Couples Enrichment” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 45m), Training Videos, “Love Lust & Laughter with Dr. Ava Cadell, Dr. Hernando Chaves & Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce” (53m), Audios, “Passion Power for Couples” (6 x  1-hour audios), Reading Material, “Passion Power eWorkbook” (101 pages), “Stock Market Orgasm eBook” (172 pages).


The Big “O”

Orgasms have been defined as everything from a natural stress reliever to a spiritual experience. This course dives deep into the history, facts and research about the ‘Big O’ including orgasm stages, pleasure scales, orgasm barriers, erogenous zones and types of orgasms including blended orgasms, bigasms, trigasms and more.

Includes “The Big ‘O’” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 2m), Training Videos, “Unique Orgasms: Discovering Ultimate Pleasure for your Sexual Health with Dr. Ava Cadell & Dr. Hernando Chaves” (  ), Ask The Expert, “Brandon Maxwell on Male Multiple Orgasms (21m), “Orgasmic Birthing with Jaiya” (24m), Documentary, “Orgasm, Inc.”  (1hr., 23m)


Course Demos:

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