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About this bundle:

The Romance bundle contains valuable information on finding romance and a soul mate, with strategies to keep relationships romantically charged. Learn how to incorporate aphrodisiacs into your love life to raise your libido and orgasmic potential. Boost your confidence with flirting skills like opening lines, body language and flirting props. Most importantly, discover the bedrock of romance by giving emotional, appreciative and physical compliments to your partner feel valued. These romantic tips can help build a relationship that can last a lifetime, with lots of memorable occasions.

This bundle is for you if:

  • You are looking for your soul mate
  • You want more romance in your current relationship
  • You’re frustrated with your current dating scene
  • You want to go from the ‘friend zone’ to intimacy
  • You want to boost your libido with aphrodisiacs

Includes the following four courses:


This course studies the ritual of dating throughout history and across global cultures, with a focus on how dating works within modern society.  Practical information about how and where people meet, the art of conversation, compatibility, the role of sex, dating with children, dating after divorce, dating at different life stages and more provides individuals and coaches with substantive resources to help single clients navigate their romantic lives.

Includes “Dating” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 20m). Ask The Expert, “Eva Nagorski, The Down & Dirty Dish of Revenge” (12m), “Lisa Steadman, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” (24m), “Marc Mani on plastic surgery and self-confidence” (8m). Reading Material, “Your Sexual Personality e-book” (65 pages), “The Sexpert Guide to 52 Weeks Of Sizzling Sex” (21 pages)



Flirting is a crucial element of romance and human sexuality with its own history, techniques, skills and approaches. This course delves into the science of body language, the power of conversation, the role of our five senses, the value of active listening, the significance of positivity, how flirting works in long term relationships and much more.

Includes “Flirting” narrated multimedia presentation (51m). Training video, “Giving Love To Your Body & Showing Love To Your Partner with Dr. Amie Harwick” (1hr. 30 m), Audio, “Build Confidence Hypnosis Session” (20 m), Reading Guide, “Flirting & Dating e-book” (21 pages)




Aphrodisiacs have a long and storied history that speaks to the central importance of love and sexuality in human history. This course studies the history, major classifications, meaning, common use, sensory impact, unusual applications and brain effects of aphrodisiacs and how they integrate into relationships, sexual fantasy, libido and orgasmic pleasure. And if you want to create an aphrodisiac menu for that special occasion, then you are in luck as there is a whole list of love foods for foreplay, excitement and orgasm.

Includes “Aphrodisiacs” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 3m). Training Video, “Aphrodisiacs with Dr. Ava Cadell” (28 m), Audio, “Aphrodisiacs Audio Course” (27m), Short Film, “Beyond Dinner” (35m), Reading Material, “Sexy Little Book of Sex Games eBook” (145 pages).



This course lays the groundwork for understanding intimate human behavior with essential statistics, history, theory, skill sets and foundational knowledge on the concept of love. Discover the elements of self-love, romantic love, passionate love as well as key theories on rejection and forgiveness. Finally, learn about the necessary ingredients of true love, such as communication, trust and respect to provide the basic underpinning for the program.

Includes “Love” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 3m), Ask The Expert, “Ethlie Ann Vare, Love Addict: Sex, Romance & Other Dangerous Drugs” (13m), “Addictions & Recovery with Sherry Gaba, LCSW” (7m), Reading Material, “12 Steps to Everlasting Love eBook” (200 pages), “Love Around The House eBook” (160 pages).


Course Demos:

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