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Bundled Courses

Kinky 101


About this bundle:

Science shows that couples who practice BDSM tend to be better communicators and their adventures increase intimacy because the activities often involve high levels of trust. If this collection of courses sparks your curiosity to learn more about ‘alternative lifestyle’ options, and sexual experimentation, then you might be ready to discover ways to break out of your ‘vanilla’ sex life. Whether you want to add people to your relationship, engage in swapping or just learn how to give a proper spanking, these courses will enrich your relationship or single sex life.  

This bundle is for your if:

  • You want to explore BDSM
  • You’re curious about threesomes
  • You want to break the taboos & myths around sex
  • You’re interested in exploring non-monogamy with your partner
  • You want to try kinky play like voyeurism, exhibition, double penetration & more

Includes the following four courses:

Power Play

Power Play explores Sado Masochism, Bondage, Discipline and Domination for sexual pleasure and fulfillment. Techniques include spanking zones, restraint styles and props, humiliation, domination and submission dialogue. You will learn how to bring these practices into a relationship with power play vocabulary including safe words and role-play scripts.

Includes “Power Play” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 12m), Erotic Instructional, “Dr. Ava’s Guide To Sensual BDSM for Couples, Zero Tolerance” (2 videos, 1 hr. each), Ask The Expert – BDSM with Sandra Daugherty (19m)



Foot Worship

This is a comprehensive course on one of the most common fetishes in America. Learn theories on what causes foot fetish fascination, variations on classified paraphilia like this, as well as foot play techniques like trampling, footsie, tasting, squish, reflexology, and podiary sex.

Includes “Foot Fetish” narrated multimedia presentation (44m)




Group Erotica

This course covers the eroticism of threesomes, foursomes, orgies, swingers and

more. Discover how people find group sex partners, what kind of sex is involved, group

sex etiquette, erotic techniques, safer sex, shedding inhibitions and more.

Includes “Group Erotica” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 20m), Erotic Instructional, “Penthouse Sex Academy, Swinging hosted by Dr. Ava Cadell & Dr. Hernando Chaves” (1hr., 8m)


Boundaries & Taboos

Sexual taboos exist in most cultures, and this course identifies the behaviors and fetishes that have been or are currently considered outside of ‘normal’ sexuality in various societies, including nudism, prostitution, incest, cheating, multiple partners, sploshing, piercings, public sex & much more.

Includes “Boundaries & Taboos” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr., 25m), training videos, “BDSM & Role playing: Erotic Confidence For Women With Kinky Desires with Mistress Minax” (1hr., 12m), Ask The Expert, “Paraphilia & Fetishism with Dr. Hernando Chaves” (24m)



Course Demos:

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