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Bundled Courses

Adult Play


About this bundle:

If you want more fun and playfulness in your love life, or want to expand your sexual horizons with sex toys, anal pleasure, eroticism, fantasies and role-play, then this collection of courses gives you everything you need to make your desires come true. Explore the variety of products and adult toys that can enable you to have more powerful orgasms, rev up your date night with erotica and turn your sexy fantasies into reality. 

This bundle is for your if:

  • You’re looking to get outside your ‘vanilla’ comfort zone
  • You’ve always wanted to try sex toys
  • You want to explore your sexual inhibitions
  • You want to boost your sex drive
  • You want to discover new erogenous zones

Includes the following four courses:

Adult Toys

Sex toys have been around for thousands of years, but never has there been such a huge industry for sexual aids as the present time. Filled with photos and examples of vibrators, dildos, penis rings, butt plugs, nipple clamps, dolls, wands, BDSM gear, sex furniture and much more, this course comprehensively covers the world of sex toys. Learn how to inform your Love Coach clients about the benefits of toys, whether they are singles, couples or groups of any gender or orientation. Also included is information on how to become a sex toy ‘party planner’ and related business opportunities.

Includes “Adult Toys” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr. 40m), training videos “History of Sex Toys: How To Use Sex Toys For Pleasure & Fantasies with Dr. Carol Queen” (1hr 9m), “Sex Toys with Dr. Ava Cadell” (50m), Ask The Expert “Home Party Planning with Tamara Bell” (13 minutes, 16 seconds), “Sex Toys with Dave Levine” (12m) & “Dave Levine & Dr. Ava Cadell” (11m)


Fantasies & Role-Playing

Fantasies and role playing can play a key role in unleashing passion and erotic, playful sexuality. This course covers some common and unusual fantasies, what triggers them and how to make them come true creatively. Discover how getting into character can be an effective communication tool for many couples, and how fantasy and role-playing can help to shed inhibitions for deeper intimacy.

Includes “Fantasies & Role-Playing” narrated multimedia presentation (55m), Erotic Instructional

“Penthouse Sex Academy, Fantasies hosted by Dr. Ava Cadell & Dr. Hernando Chaves” (1hr., 28m)


Back Door Play

Anal sex has been enjoyed since ancient times, but has often been subject to controversy and taboo. This course thoroughly examines anal pleasure for men and women, analingus, consent, cleaning, preparation, anal care, breathing techniques, positions, prostate play, risk for STDs, how to talk about desire for anal sex and much more.

Includes “Back Door Play” narrated multimedia presentation (46m), Erotic Instructional Dr. Ava’s Guide To Anal Sex For Women, Zero Tolerance (1hr., 42m)




This course examines pornography comprehensively from a historical perspective up to the present day with information on censorship, consent, therapeutic porn, genre categories, award-winning porn and amateur video porn for erotic personal use.

Includes “Eroticism” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr. 14m), Documentary - X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All-Time (94m) Ask The Expert – Dorian Gomez on art & sexuality (10m)



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