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Bundled Courses

SexEd Basics


About this bundle:

Educate yourself and others with the basics of sex education when you choose this bundle of individual courses that includes foundational knowledge on male and female anatomy, how to engage in safer sex practices, and find new ways to enjoy self-pleasure. Each course includes a narrated multimedia presentation and valuable extras like training videos, hypnosis audios and more.

This bundle is for you if:

  • You want positive accurate facts about human sexuality
  • You would like to empower yourself with sexual knowledge
  • You would like more confidence in understanding your partner’s anatomy
  • You want to develop a healthy attitude about sex and your body
  • You want to be aware of safer sex practices to prevent STDs & HIV transmission


Includes the following four courses:

Male Anatomy and Arousal CoverMale Anatomy & Arousal

This course lays the groundwork for male sexuality, focusing on basic anatomy and stages of arousal, how to stimulate and achieve orgasm, details about multiple orgasms for men and women. Also covered is comprehensive sexual health information from penis exercises and disease prevention to sexual dysfunction and prostate health.

Includes “Male Anatomy & Arousal” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr. 10m), training video “Knowing Men: Learn What Men Like & Dislike Mentally, Physically & Sexually with Dr. Max McMullen” (29m) and “Male Sexuality Hypnosis Session” (20m)


Female Anatomy and Arousal CoverFemale Anatomy & Arousal

This fundamental course on female sexuality focuses on the basic anatomy of a woman her multiple stages of sexual health and arousal.  Internal and external erogenous zones are described in detail so that you can find and stimulate how to stimulate her U, G and A spots enabling maximum pleasure that may lead to orgasm and female ejaculation.

Includes “Female Anatomy & Arousal” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr. 20m), training video “Train Your Mind To Be Sexy Through Meditation, Fantasies & Yoga with Dr. Anne Ridley” (45m), training video “Kundalini Yoga For The immune System by Gurutej Kaur” (1hr.3m) and “Female Sexuality Hypnosis Session” (22 m)


Self Pleasure

Masturbation is a key component to self-love and sexual health. This course thoroughly explores auto-stimulation for both the male and female sexual organs. You’ll discover multiple manual masturbation techniques and a variety of sex toys you can use to enhance your sexual satisfaction. Finally, to help those overcome sexual guilt or shame, we’ve included the physical, emotional and sexual benefits of masturbation.

Includes “Self Pleasure” narrated multimedia presentation (1hr. 8m), training video, “Knowing Yourself: Body Assessment & Acceptance with Jallen Rix & Elaine Floyer” (36 minutes), Erotic Instructional, “Penthouse Sex Academy, Masturbation, Hosted by Dr. Ava Cadell & Dr. Hernando Chaves” (1 hour, 23 minutes), Ask The Expert “Nicholas Tana, director of masturbation documentary Sticky” (14m), Reading material, “The Loveology Guide To Inhibitions E-book” (26 pages)


Safer Adult Play CoverSafer Adult Play

This course identifies how to make safer sex sexy, focusing on the importance of using safer sex practices to enhance protection while maintaining eroticism. Sexually transmitted diseases of all kinds are outlined along with the risks and treatments for each. By the end of this course, participants will be able to identify risk factors, summarize HIV protocol (testing, transmission and counseling), and negotiate safer sex using safer sex tools of various kinds.

Includes “Safer Adult Play” narrated multimedia presentation (34m)


Course Demos:

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